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Position your company at the heart of topics that matter

Pressly empowers businesses to build authentic expert communities to engage employees, customers and influencers.

  • Drive awareness and credibility round key topics
  • Build authentic relationships by engaging customers and influencers
  • Garner recognition for your subject matter experts
  • Help differentiate your brand and influence sales
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We've seen great results with Pressly. Within months, the Exponentials team at Deloitte was transformed into a group of thought leaders.

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Build engaged communities around your experts

Build credible thought leadership around topics that matter by mobilizing your experts to engage employees, customers and influencers.

  • Surface and elevate expertise internally
  • Accelerate speed of knowledge sharing for employees and customers
  • Engage industry influencers
Exponentials.xyz - Deloitte's community for emerging technologies

Extend your reach across social networks

Leverage the power of social media to amplify the conversation and maximize reach.

  • Streamline social sharing to extend reach
  • Rally employee advocates to amplify thought leadership efforts
  • Turn your website into an engaged community by embedding Pressly feeds

Content Reach

Tether activity to grow your community

Pressly lets you share broadly but bring traffic and engagement back to your community destination for additional content and targeted calls to action.

  • Tether engagement to your hub
  • Build followers and engage other collaborators to drive community
  • Measure, learn and optimize

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