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Meet The Team

Our team is not only awesome and talented, but we also have a ton of fun! Fair warning: If you’re thinking about joining Pressly, you better be good at ping-pong!

Pressly was co-founded in 2011 by Jeff Brenner and Peter Kieltyka. From a tiny office with a handful of clients, the pair worked tirelessly with early-stage collaborators to build a platform that would fit the needs of content marketers. Today, Pressly is not a tiny team. We are a fun group of eighteen, able to implement mission critical solutions on a rapid timeline. Our client base has grown, too. Having started from building Pressly hubs for local companies in Canada, we now proudly support hundreds of customers, ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 100 companies.


  • Jeff BrennerCEOJeff is the CEO and co-founder at Pressly. He created Nulayer in a past life, building 5-star rated mobile apps for high-profile clients like The Score. Now he’s busy empowering brands to become world-class publishers and engage their audience via curated content.
  • Peter KieltykaCTOAs the co-founder of Pressly and Nulayer, Peter has led the development and strategic execution of several innovative products and software architectures. He is passionate about great design and he believes that software, if not all things in life, should be beautiful.
  • Corban RileyDevelopment LeadCorban is a software guy who works on front-end development at Pressly. He loves solving puzzles, Rubik's cubes and particularly enjoys lunch.
  • Kyle DavisFront End DeveloperKyle helps build out Pressly's core products as well as our customers with technical support and integrations. In his spare time he builds web-apps with EmberJS and helps his grandmother fix her printer.
  • Liam BoltonDesign LeadLiam designs the user experience and interface for the Pressly platform and Hubs. When he is not ruling over pixels with an iron fist, he enjoys putting top spin on a ping pong ball.
  • Rina EspirituCustomer SuccessRina helps marketers and publishers align their brands with awesome content. She has launched Pressly hubs for Intel, Peroni, Deloitte, and Condé Nast. Rina knows her stuff when it comes to stimulating brand awareness and boosting engagement.
  • Lindsay BiernatCustomer SuccessLindsay leads Sales Operations to ensure that the team is amply prepared to help clients seamlessly and successfully achieve their goals. When not at the office, you'll find her kicking soccer balls, sailing boats, and generally saving the day.
  • Matt MooreInterface DesignMatt supports the sales and marketing team by designing Pressly hubs. He also prepares hub assets for customers such as cover pages, calls to actions and ads. When he doesn’t have a smile on his face, he probably has a smile on his face.
  • Alexander VitiukFront End DeveloperLoves Australia.
  • Gordon LeslieAccount ExecutiveGordon handles the sales aspect of Pressly. When he is not showcasing the product to prospective clients, he enjoys playing hockey and beating Alex in ping pong.
  • Alex PeronMarketingAlex has worked magic for a number of organizations in the past, ranging from hardware startups to the largest sportsbook in Europe. Today, he leads the growth team at Pressly and is involved with all marketing efforts. In his spare time, you’ll probably find him beating Matt at Fifa.
  • David KuaBack End DeveloperDavid helps build out Pressly's backend services and products. When he's not writing bios, he can be found grabbing a good drink or studying.
  • Maciej LisiewskiSeñor DeveloperMaciej writes Pressly's back-end code and slaps servers into obedience. He's always building something: from websites, Ikea furniture hacks, to automated cat wetting devices.

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from Toronto.

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Yes, we had a mayor that smoked crack. And technically, Justin Bieber is from our burb. But the Raptors are doing awesome this year, and more importantly, the tech-startup community in Toronto is booming. The city ranks as the 8th most active startup community in the world, and we feel lucky to be surrounded by all these awesome founders and ground-breaking products. It’s really cold in the winter, but if you’re ever around, come say hi at 49 Fraser Avenue!

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