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Unleash the Power of Teams with Pressly Hubs

Work smarter and move faster by improving how your teams share information and knowledge with Pressly Hubs.

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Leading brands love Pressly.

The power of Hubs


Build beautiful hubs that allow your teams to quickly share and discuss information all in one place — no coding required. Responsive design works across devices.


Keep everyone in the loop by organizing your files and curating content by categories. Never lose important information in your email again.


Create a vibrant community for teams to share, discuss and discover together. Enlist others to own and contribute to categories for greater engagement.


Easily embed hub content in your website or intranet and create customized newsletters tailored for specific audiences.

Take Action

Build targeted calls to action to drive team engagement in company events, surveys, training, campaigns and more.

Manage & Measure

Easily manage your hub and community with the Pressly dashboard. Get useful insights about top contributors and popular content to help optimize your efforts.

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Within months, the Exponentials team at Deloitte was transformed into a group of thought leaders. Innovation Lead for Deloitte Greenhouse
With thousands of tweets per second to compete with, DocuSign's own content was favorited by super star influencers, including Marc Andreesen and Ariana Huffington. Head of Social Media
We got up and running quickly, it looks great. Pressly gives us the ability to pull content from blogs, social networks or RSS feeds in a very simple way. I like the simplicity and the elegance of the hubs. Senior VP of Digital Strategy

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