Our Customers

With Pressly, our customers are able to create, share, and measure content at scale. 

"Within months, the Exponentials team at Deloitte was transformed into a group of thought leaders."
Amandine Dhennin
Lead for Deloitte Greenhouse
"It's a pleasure working with the Pressly team. Very thorough in implementation planning and quick to respond to requests. Extremely customer-focused company."
Connie Ciskowski
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
"Pressly has improved the way in which we push content to our users by leaps and bounds. The available analytics have really given us a strong idea of what content matters most to our user base."
James Gauthier
Director of Investment Funds Research
“Pressly has turned into the first culture-building case study/initiative our holding company has EVER seen (company-wide). We’ve now architected a plan to spread Pressly across all of our employees and subsidiary companies to practice REAL engagement.”
Carly Stojsic
Content Curator/Trends/Client Experience
"It's a fantastic product run by a fantastic team."
Gregor Bingham
Coach, Talent Development
"Pressly saved my life. The platform is extremely user friendly and it's always a pleasure working with the Customer Support team."
Christian Webb
Digital Marketing Specialist