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The power of hubs

Pressly collects all of your content into gorgeous, customizable hubs, giving you and your team or community a unique place to organize, publish and collaborate.

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Manage your team and enable them to easily compose and share content.

Mention your team members and collaborate around content.

It's for your team

Make your team smarter by quickly and easily collaborating around content and ideas.

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It's for marketers

Fill the pipeline with fresh, relevant content, amplify your social conversion rates, insert calls to action and increase engagement with your audience, whether they're your customers, co-workers or friends.

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It's for communities

Give your community (we're looking at you, Houston Ferret Lovers) a vibrant place to share and learn more about the subject that ties you together.

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Within months, the Exponentials team at Deloitte was transformed into a group of thought leaders. Innovation Lead for Deloitte Greenhouse
With Pressly, it is very easy to curate and share. We can create a new hub overnight, add creative and positioning, take it to clients and say - here's your one-stop content destination. VP of Product and Technology Strategy
With thousands of tweets per second to compete with, DocuSign's own content was favorited by super star influencers, including Marc Andreesen and Ariana Huffington. Head of Social Media
We got up and running quickly, it looks great. Pressly gives us the ability to pull content from blogs, social networks or RSS feeds in a very simple way. I like the simplicity and the elegance of the hubs. Senior VP of Digital Strategy

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