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We’re reimagining how content lives in today’s enterprise.

Your most valuable assets in your enterprise: content and people. We want to simplify and unify them. The pillars of our products do just that.

Meet the Pressly team

  • Jeff Brenner CEO Jeff is the CEO and co-founder at Pressly. He created Nulayer in a past life, building 5-star rated mobile apps for high-profile clients like The Score. Now he's busy empowering brands to become world-class publishers and engage their audience via curated content.
  • Peter Kieltyka CTO As the co-founder of Pressly and Nulayer, Peter has led the development and strategic execution of several innovative products and software architectures. He is passionate about great design and he believes that software, if not all things in life, should be beautiful.
  • Karen Eisen Chief Customer Success Officer Karen is leading the Customer Success and Marketing efforts at Pressly. She aims to bring a smile to the face of anyone interacting with Pressly, or hey, anyone she comes across in general. When she's not at the office, you will most likely find her chasing after one of her two kids.
  • Corban Riley Development Lead Corban is a software guy who works on front-end development at Pressly. He loves solving puzzles, Rubik's cubes and particularly enjoys lunch.
  • Kyle Davis Front End Developer Kyle helps build out Pressly's core products as well as our customers with technical support and integrations. In his spare time he builds web-apps with EmberJS and helps his grandmother fix her printer.
  • Liam Bolton Design Lead Liam designs the user experience and interface for the Pressly platform and Hubs. When he is not ruling over pixels with an iron fist, he enjoys putting top spin on a ping pong ball.
  • Rina Espiritu Customer Success Rina helps marketers and publishers align their brands with awesome content. She has launched Pressly hubs for Intel, Peroni, Deloitte, Time Inc. and Condé Nast. Rina knows her stuff when it comes to stimulating brand awareness and boosting engagement.
  • Matt Moore Interface Design Matt supports the sales and marketing team by designing Pressly hubs. He also prepares hub assets for customers such as cover pages, calls to actions and ads. When he doesn't have a smile on his face, he probably has a smile on his face.
  • Alexander Vitiuk Front End Developer Loves Australia.
  • Josh MacIntyre Lead Of Special Projects Josh ensures the Pressly ship keeps sailing smoothly by overseeing client projects and internal operations. When not sailing the high seas of project management he can be found kicking a soccer ball or trying to become the Nova Scotian Gordon Ramsay.
  • Maciej Lisiewski Señor Developer Maciej writes Pressly's back-end code and slaps servers into obedience. He's always building something: from websites, Ikea furniture hacks, to automated cat wetting devices.
  • Vojtech Vitek Back-End Developer Vojtech is very bad at Ping Pong. <
  • Karina Waluk Customer Success Karina works with Pressly's clients to develop custom tailored content strategies and build thriving communities. Part content strategist, part walking encyclopedia, Karina loves digital marketing and has helped clients boost their online presence and create greater audience engagement through their hubs.
  • Ali Najafizadeh Full Stack Developer Ali is a software engineer who works on back-end and front-end. He loves solving complex problems with simple and elegant solutions. When he gets bored, he can be found smashing bugs on open source projects.
  • Tim Doyle Content and Editorial Tim ensures clients get the most out of the Pressly platform by offering custom editorial services and refining content strategy. When he's not on the RSS hamster wheel, he can be found remembering the '80s.
  • Paul Xue Back-End Developer Paul works on designing cool new micro-services and thinking about how to improve Pressly's backend API. In his spare time he's either thinking up new side projects, out to discover exotic foods, or complaining about the Maple Leafs.
  • Marco Yim Customer Success Marco has one goal - to ensure that all our customers are smiling when using our product! Whether they're first learning how to use Pressly or are pros looking for new inspiration, he finds ways to make the Pressly experience a fun, engaging, and simple one. He's obsessed with singing, board games, and hunting for pretty things to wear.
  • Jack Hsu Developer Jack is a software developer whose primary interests are in client-side applications and Functional Programming. He is well-versed in a number of languages, including JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and Clojure. He is also saving up for a trip to Antarctica.
  • Rowan Hogan Designer & Developer Rowan is the resident Australian and a recent Blue Jays fan. He also loves design systems and being picky about icons.

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